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News, Technology | Dec 04, 2017   

Maschine 2.7 Software Gets Updates Requested Directly from Users

This December, Maschine 2.7 arrives, chocked full of highly anticipated updates that were requested directly from actual users. Real-time time stretching, loop hot swapping and a gate mode will all be added to improve workflow and increase speed and spontaneity. The announcement on Native Instrument’s blog comes not long after the release of the next generation hardware, Maschine Mk3.

The added features on 2.7 are the direct result of new collaborative method of testing and developing with a community of beta testers. These users received a first-hand look at ideas and changes to the software, and were able to give their feedback and truly shape the direction of updates. Keep reading for more!

Time Stretching

With the added real-time time stretching feature, pre-cut loops will simply play in time with the project, no matter the speed. By adjusting automatically to the project’s tempo changes, users will have a simplified way to lay down their ideas quickly and easily.

Loop Hot Swapping

The new loop hot swapping update also keeps with the theme of friction-free functionality. Mario Altvater, Senior UX Designer on the Maschine development team explained the new feature:

“It’s great if you need a spark of creativity. If you have a bunch of loops and you want to find the perfect one that fits into your track, you can go through them, and hear them in the context of whatever you’re working on directly in your track.”

Gate Mode

Gate Mode can be used to play loops or parts of loops melodically. You can play up and down the scale and where MIDI notes are placed will shift the pitch of that particular part.

“We got some really great feedback about this feature – a lot of people told us that they don’t have anything like this anywhere else and now they’re bringing in loops and experimenting,” Altvater added. 

machine body

Maschine 2.7 is coming this month, and will be available to all Maschine 2 software users as a free download in Native Access. Visit Native Instrument’s website to learn more and let us know if you’re looking forward to the updates. We want to hear from you!

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