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MasterSounds’ Newest High-End Suite of Mixers and Accessories

News, Technology | Jul 19, 2018   

MasterSounds’ Newest High-End Suite of Mixers and Accessories

Expensive? Yes. Impressive? Yes. MasterSounds’ new suite of products includes a follow-up series to the award-winning Radius analogue DJ mixer, as well as updated Radius 2 and Radius 4 rotary mixers.

If you’re not familiar with the brand, MasterSounds is known for making audio accessories for vinyl enthusiasts. Based in the U.K., this boutique company creates premium quality products that are manufactured with extreme care and attention to detail. The mixers and FX unit featured below were co-designed by Andy Rigby-Jones, who also helped to develop Allen & Heath’s Xone DJ mixers.

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Radius 4V and Linear 4V

Aimed at club DJs, the Radius 4V and Linear 4V build on the success of their predecessor Radius DJ mixers. This flagship series is aimed at clubs DJs who want “no compromise” audio fidelity. Available in both rotary and linear fader options, the Radius 4V and Linear 4V are equipped with the highest quality components.

Both of these mixers come in at a cool £1,985, which is about $2,500 USD.

Radius 2 and Radius 4

Updates to the Radius 2 and Radius 4 make the already successful products more modern and market-stable. MasterSounds says that these two rotary mixers have undergone circuit redesigns to take audio fidelity to a new level. The most significant update is the addition of the fully discrete Burson V6 Classic operational amplifiers that give fully balanced mix buss on all models.

The Radius 4 is priced at £1,600, or a little over $2,000 USD. The Radius 2 comes in at £1,350, or about $1,750 USD.

FX Units

Black or silver, these FX units were designed to perfectly integrate with the entire MasterSounds DJ mixer collection. They feature three products in one box – an analogue emulating FX section with analogue output, an analogue filter unit, and an analogue distortion system. By maximizing the use of both the Aux send system and mix insert feature, these units are great for DJs looking for an external FX unit that packs a punch.

The FX unit retails at £495, or about $650 USD.

To see a lot more detail on these premium products, visit the MasterSounds website. Be sure to leave a comment below and let us know if the mixer of your dreams is included above. We want to hear from you!

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