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Meet the Intel Shooting Star Drone for Aerial Lightshows

News, Technology, Videos, Visual Jockeys | Nov 08, 2016   

Meet the Intel Shooting Star Drone for Aerial Lightshows

Fireworks are so 2006. When activated together Intel Shooting Stars can create jaw dropping light shows. Read about the new technology here!

Today Intel revealed their latest creation the Intel® Shooting Star™ drone. With their new device the tech giant plans to redefine entertainment while creating new experience.

Last year Intel tested 100 Shooting Stars with good results. To commemorate the official release of the drone they discharged 500 Shooting Star drones at once, and even spelled out their logo. To perform the light show they had to get a Part 107 Waiver from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which has jurisdiction over drones.

To develop the new technology Intel had acquired MAVinci GmbH, a drone company based in Germany that also makes flight planning software. 

According to Anil Nanduri, Director of Systems Innovation, Perceptual Computing at Intel Corporation, “Today, my team and I are thrilled to announce our first Intel drone designed specifically for light shows: the Intel® Shooting Star™ drone.  With this drone, we will be able to demonstrate that drone light shows can redefine entertainment and create amazing new experiences in the night sky.”


He continued, “We believe drones are an important computing platform for the future and we are continuing to invest in technologies and companies that will enable us to provide the best compute, sensor, communications and software integration for the growing drone ecosystem.”

Everyone has enjoyed the magic of fireworks for thousands of years, except dogs, but they burn out so quickly. The implementation of laser shows brought some relief, but they were limited by the ceiling. Now pyrotechnicians have an infinite array of possibilities for drawing pictures in the atmosphere.

To learn more about Intel’s drone program visit the official website.

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