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Gear Reviews, News, Technology, Videos | Jun 10, 2016   

Mixars Now Exclusively Distributed by Mixware

Earlier this year Mixware announced their appointment as the exclusive distributor of Mixars. Mixars are the first full-feature official Serato mixers that cost less than $1,000.

Mixars is a division of RCF Group, an audio equipment manufacturer based in Italy.  Their mission is to provide top quality commercial audio products and systems that are also affordable. This is their bid to develop a range of equipment that push the boundaries of design, materials and production for professional DJ’s.

The first Mixar products were available in the US last spring via Mixware. The distributors products are available at select retailers, such as Guitar Center, World of Stereo and Musician’s Friend.

At $999, the Mixars Duo is the most costly piece of the series. It is Serato DJ DVS Enabled and comes with a set of Serato control records. It also includes an Innofader Mini crossfader, 8 RGB rubber performance pads, control for Serato DJ FX, 24/96 audio interface and a USB hub.


“The DUO brings amazing value to the table. This is the first official Serato mixer, including Serato DJ with DVS under $1,000,” according to Laurent Cohen of Mixware. 

The LTA (straight-arm) and STA (S-arm) go for $599 each, and combine modern technology with classic features. The dual outputs are ideal for DJ duos, teams or even battles.


For $249 you can buy the CUT, an affordable mixer designed for beginners and professionals alike. It features an Innofader Mini crossfader, curve and reverse adjustments, DVS inputs and sound card outputs, balanced XLR outputs, combo mic and cue mix.


As DJ-ing rises in popularity we can look forward to less expensive equipment that also works better. Check out Mixars for a mixer that sounds good without breaking the bank.

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