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News, Technology, Videos | Mar 23, 2018   

Mobile DJ Tips with Bunn DJ Company | Episode 1

Did you know that mobile DJs love BPM Supreme? With a huge selection of classic tracks and mobile event-friendly music, our record pool is perfect for DJs who play at weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and other special events.

That’s why we’ve collaborated with one of the best mobile DJs in the industry, Joe Bunn, on an exclusive video series. Joe is the founder and owner of Bunn DJ Company and books over 800 weddings a year – plus another 400 private, corporate, and charity events!

Bunn DJ Company opened shop in Raleigh, North Carolina in the late ‘90s. Fast forward to today and the company now has three additional locations in Charleston, SC, Charlotte, NC, and Richmond, VA. While Joe still DJs regularly, he recently started helping other DJs and entrepreneurs grow their own businesses with everything from sales strategies to branding. He’s been a speaker at industry events like Mobile Beat Las Vegas and DJ Times Expo.

In Episode 1, Joe shows us some tricks for managing your powered speaker cables. Watch the full video to learn how you can quickly set up for any event without compromising the appearance of your gear.

Stay tuned for more episodes coming soon and visit our YouTube page for other helpful videos! Let us know if you found this article helpful. We want to hear from you.

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