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News, Technology, Videos | Jun 12, 2019   

Mobile DJ Tips with Joe Bunn | Transporting Gear

It’s safe to say that transporting DJ gear is the least favorite part of any DJ gig. Even with an assistant, most mobile DJs can’t escape the difficulties and concerns of lugging equipment back and forth to events. It just comes with the territory.

DJs can make things easier for themselves by investing in some sensible transportation equipment. Doing so can not only ease the strain on your body, but it can lessen your setup time and boost your energy and morale. It’s worth it!

To share some tips, we asked highly experienced mobile DJ Joe Bunn to tell us what equipment he uses the most to transport his gear. As the founder and owner of Bunn DJ Company, Joe books over 800 weddings a year, plus another 400 private, corporate, and charity events. He knows his stuff!

Watch Episode 12 of “Mobile DJ Tips” above and share your thoughts in the comments below.

Mobile DJ Tips has covered topics like using uplighting, choosing the right sound equipment, and must-have backup gear. Catch up on past episodes here.


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