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Music Streaming Sites Can Share Bootlegs with Dubset

DJ Experience, News, Technology | Oct 10, 2016   

Music Streaming Sites Can Share Bootlegs with Dubset

A tech company called Dubset gives musicians credit whenever somebody remixes them, which makes it legal for streaming websites to broadcast remixes.

Apple and Spotify are now playing bootleg remixes thanks to the legal services provided by technology startup Dubset. The rights management database creates monetization opportunities for artists by crediting them when they are sampled or remixed. They also promise that similar technology for DJ mixes is coming soon.

Until now the feature that separated SoundCloud from the pack of music streaming services was that they let producers upload and share bootleg remixes — well the ones that make it through the copyright infringement bot. The biggest issue for major labels was that their artists don’t receive compensation for their work. Now that they have a way to profit they are more likely to embrace future remixes. Actually it should be encouraged as a good publicity and business move.


Basically the technology works by analyzing the content in the mixes and them comparing them with the information in the Gracenote audio fingerprinting database. Royalties are then distributed to the official rights holders.

Stephen White, CEO of Dubset, told TechCrunch, “Content owners have been very supportive. The publishing and label deals we have under license provides a large catalog to work with. This allows some of the content that until now has only been on YouTube and SoundCloud to come to these great paid services where content owners will get paid!”

White assures us that, “(DJ) Mixes are coming next!”


Data from Dubset indicates that DJ’s listen to more bootleg remixes online than the rest of us combined. They say that while 20,000 songs are streamed per day through traditional music streams, over 300,000 “illegal” tracks get played in one day.

Last August reports indicated that Spotify was in talks to buy SoundCloud for $1 billion. Maybe that was too much. It looks like Spotify has found a way to sidestep the whole thing by offering their own mixes and remixes, although they haven’t stated as much.

Spotify has gained over 10 million new customers since last March.

Last May Spotify announced a partnership with Dubset to stream DJ mixes.

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