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BPM Supreme TV, Gear Reviews, Interviews, News, Technology, Videos | Jan 25, 2017   

NAMM 2017 Feature: SoundSwitch – Innovative DJ Lighting Solution

The future of DJing looks bright with SoundSwitch.

At NAMM Show 2017, the BPM Supreme team linked up with Chief Product Officer Matt Watkins from SoundSwitch. Matt gave us an insightful explanation of what SoundSwitch is and how it works. You can either watch the video above or read the quick summary below.


What is SoundSwitch and how does it work?

[SoundSwitch] is a digital lighting workstation that connects with Serato DJ. The user can input lighting cues directly in their audio file and play it back through Serato DJ. In the interview, Matt Watkins demonstrates SoundSwitch functionalities on a standard mobile DJ setup (a controller, the SoundSwitch interface which connects to the lights and essentially controls the whole rig, and the SoundSwitch software).


[In the software] Matt explains that there are individual fixture tracks that allow the user to go through and control each fixture in their entire rig. The user can change each individual light’s color, intensity, strobe, and movement (for lights that have moving heads). During playback the lights will move around, change color, and it will all be in time with the music. All the information is then saved into an MP3 as a ‘lighting stem’.


Once the MP3 is played back through Serato DJ, whatever the user does; whether it’s scratching – the lights will play back, moving the upfaders up or down – the lights will turn on or off, or moving the crossfader – the user will be mixing between one light-show to the next depending on the music. Essentially, the lights will be responsive depending on the user’s action.


Price: $499

Available Now at

See SoundSwitch in action

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