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Gear Reviews, News, Technology | Jan 16, 2017   

NAMM 2017: The Latest DJ Gear Announcements

EDITORIAL UPDATE 1/25/2017: NAMM Show 2017 was a huge success! The BPM Supreme team had a chance to talk to a ton of manufacturers and see amazing performances from the best in our industry. We included a video recap above! Keep following our blog and social channels for more reviews, interviews, and performances!

NAMM 2017 is around the corner and with it comes much anticipation for the latest gear releases and news. Musicians from around the globe are congregating to Anaheim, CA on January 19th 2017 to partake in ‘gear heaven’. As a DJ, there are several reasons to be excited. This year looks like there will be many more innovations and evolution in DJ technology.

Check out some anticipated gear releases from the biggest DJ companies below.

Editor’s Note: There are and will be many more releases. Our media team will be in attendance at NAMM 2017 in Anaheim, CA and we will be sharing (live updates) of the newest DJ gear news as we learn them. Stay up to date on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!


First up is Denon DJ. Denon just announced a few releases, adding to their arsenal of DJ equipment; the Denon DJ SC5000, the X1800 Mixer, the VL12 Direct Drive Turntable, the Engine Prime. Check out the specs below:

Denon DJ SC5000


Release Date: Q1 2017
Price: $1899.00

The key features of the Denon DJ SC5000 include:
• 7-inch HD display with multi-touch gestures
• 24-bit/96kHz digital audio outputs
• Dual-layer playback with individual audio outputs
• Plays uncompressed audio formats (FLAC, ALAC, WAV)
• 8 multifunction trigger pads for Cues, Loops, Slices and Rolls
• 8-inch rugged metal jog wheel with HD central display
• Customizable RGB color around the jog wheel
• (3) USB and (1) SD input for music playback
• LAN output to link to up to four players

Denon X1800 DJ Mixer


Release Date: Q1 2017
Price: $1899.00

The key features of the Denon DJ club X1800 mixer include:
• 4-Channel Digital Mixer with (4) phono/line switchable channels
• BPM FX section with frequency controlled ‘Band-Isolation’
• Dual USB audio connections for software and audio devices.
• Dedicated Sweep and BPM FX Knobs — high-quality effects for each channel with a single knob turn
• Expressive EQ – choose Classic or Isolation modes and an Adjustable Filter Resonance Control
• ‘Engine Connect’ protocol for beatgrid locked FX
• Expressive Denon DJ ‘Flex-Fader’, Crossfader
• Connect MIDI based effects and instruments
• 24-bit/96kHz digital output for uncompromised audio quality
• Crisp OLED screen for precise menu based adjustments
• (4) Digital inputs for high-resolution audio mixing
• LAN Hub for up to four players or accessories
• Rugged metal construction

Denon DJ VL12 Direct Drive Turntable


Release Date: Q1 2017
Price: $1899.00

The key features of the Denon DJ X1800 mixer include:

· Isolation feet eliminate unwanted vibration and feedback
· Highest-in-industry 5kgf/cm torque on “High” setting
· Innovative ‘easy grip/brake’ chamfered platter redefines tactile DJ touch
· Isolated motor design, for optimal signal-to-noise ratio
· S-shaped tone arm for accurate tracking
· Reinterpreted tone arm support with dual-function ‘lock or rest’ feature
· Rugged all-metal tone arm base and high-quality brushed metal controls
· 2-speed operation 33 1/3rd and 45 RPM (45 RPM adapter included)
· Adjustable pitch range: ±8%, 16%, 50%
· Built-in RGB lighting illuminates platter’s edge
· Color selection and brightness controls


Next up is AKAI. Used mainly for production, Akai MPC products are very clearly the go-to controller for many workstations. MPC has been a name that’s been around for quite some time, and for good reason too. That’s why it’s always exciting to hear Akai release a new product. Check out the Akai Pro MPC X

Akai Pro MPC X


Release Date:: Q1 2017
Price: $1999.00

• Standalone MPC – no computer required
• 10.1” full-color multi-touch display
• Also acts as a control surface for MPC 2.0 software
• 16 Touch-capacitive Q-Link controls with OLED displays
• Turntable (RCA) inputs with ground peg
• 16GB of on-board storage (over 10GB of sound content included)
• User-expandable 2.5” SATA drive connector (SSD or HDD)
• 2 MIDI inputs, 4 MIDI Outputs
• 8 configurable CV/Gate outputs for the analog control of modular gear, such as classic synths
• 2 USB-A 3.0 slots for thumb drives or MIDI controllers
• Ableton Link and WiFi will be supported in future updates- See more at:


Other than firmware updates, Pioneer DJ has been eerily quiet the past few weeks. As of now, the latest from Pioneer DJ has been the release of the DDJ-SZ2 this past December; an update of the widely popular DDJ-SZ controller.

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SZ2

Release Date:: Q1 2017
Price: $1999.00


Mixars, as a fairly new contender in the world of DJ gear is definitely making a name for itself this year. The dual release of a controller and mixer is a big deal and shows Mixars means business. The Mixars Primo Controller, the two channel controller for Serato DJ and release of the Mixars Quattro Serato DJ Mixer makes Mixars arsenal much stronger and could help them become a viable competitor to the established gear companies.



Release Date: Q1 2017
Price: $1499.00

Key Features:
• 4-Channel Digital Mixer for SERATO DJ
• 16 RGB PADS with Hot Cue and Sampler control
• Dual USB audio connections
• 2 Microphone Inputs
• Dedicated 4 high-quality effects for each channel with a single knob
• Completely MIDI mappable
• Microphone Input
• Trim Output master volume
• 24-bit digital output
• Rugged metal construction
• Auto loop encoder
• Sampler switch
• Dedicated Sampler Volume
• Effects send/return

Mixars PRIMO Serato DJ Controller


Release Date: Q1 2017
Price: $599.00

• 2ch Controller for SERATO® DJ
• Performance Pads with Hot Cues, Roll, Slicer, Sampler
• Sturdy build quality with Brushed aluminum face plate
• Built-in sound card for simple USB connectivity.
• 100mm Pitch Control
• USB powered
• Pro Combo Mic input with independent Volume, Tone control and Echo
• Large aluminum Jog wheels with On-Jog Display and LED Ring
• 16 RGB Performance Pads
• 3 VU-level meter
• Cross fader curve adjustment & reverse
• Auxiliary RCA Input with dedicated volume
• Touch Needle search strip
• Multiple inputs and outputs
• High quality audio Soundcard
• Two headphone outs
• Plug and Play with SERATO DJ


Next up is Reloop. Reloop just released their new 4-channel club mixer titled RMX-90 DVS.

Reloop RMX-90 DVS


Release Date: Q1 2017
Price: $999.99

Key Features:
– 4+1-channel DJ club mixer
– 8 in/8 out DVS audio interface, 24 bit for Serato DJ
– Serato DJ Plug’n’Play: full version incl. DVS Expansion Pack
- Digital architecture with extensive adjustment possibilities
– 3-band EQ with adjustable behaviour, classic/kill
– Sound filter, bi-polar filter unit with LPF and HPF
– High-quality surface in deep black metallic
– Sturdy construction: metal housing, screwed knobs
– Beat FX unit with 12 effects in studio quality: Flanger, Delay, Echo, Reverb, Transformer, Pitch Shift, Loop Roll, Reverse Loop, Noise, Bitcrusher, Gate, Tape Delay
– Two digital displays for visualization of parameter changes
– Extensive setup menu, among others: Filter resonance
– EQ frequency range (low, high)

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