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News, Technology | Jan 25, 2018   

NAMM 2018: Will Phase Change Turntablism Forever?

There are a lot of exciting announcements and reveals happening right now at the NAMM Show in Anaheim. One in particular has us especially intrigued. From the makers of Mixfader, the world’s first wireless crossfader, comes a technology that controls turntable audio without using a cartridge or a timecode vinyl. Meet Phase.

phase body 1


Two years after the release of Mixfader, the founding company MWM (Music World Media) finds themselves surrounded by some of the world’s best DJs. MWM looked into the needs and wants of these professionals and identified timecode technology as a common theme.

Timecode technology is widely used but still can’t guarantee a flawless performance. It’s affected by many variables like external vibrations and faulty equipment. Phase wants to change all of that and reinvent timecode technology. By giving turntablists a more reliable and sturdy way to control tracks, they’ll be able to reach a new level of performance.  


So how can Phase control tracks playing from a DJ software without timecode vinyl or a cartridge? It all happens through two remote controls and a receiver. By setting the remotes directly on the turntable, they measure every rotation angle and movement (even the tiniest movements). That information is sent through a patented wireless technology to the receiver. The receiver then converts it to a digital signal and sends it directly to the DVS setup. 

The makers of Phase are confident you’ll have perfect signal quality in any situation and feel like you’re mixing on regular vinyl. It’s compatible with all DJ software using DVS technology, like Serato, Traktor or rekordbox.

Set-up is simple – just plug the receiver directly into your mixer or audio interface and place the remotes on your turntable platter.

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Phase is said to be available for pre-order starting in February and fully available this summer. While the exact price is not yet defined, sources have told us that Phase will be available for around $300 USD – which seems like a steal.

If you’re still not convinced, don’t worry. We’ll keep you updated once we take Phase for a test drive.

You can follow the progress of Phase on its website and or on social media @phaseproject. Let us know what you think about this revolutionary innovation. Are you ready to change the way you DJ with turntables? We want to hear from you!

Updated April, 24, 2018

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