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Gear Reviews, News, Technology, Videos | Sep 29, 2016

Native Instruments Introduces New MASCHINE JAM

Native Instruments has released the latest edition to their family, a shiny, new MASCHINE JAM. Read about it here.


The MASCHINE JAM by Native Instruments is finally here. This is a music production system with hands-on, multi-track step sequencing and touch-sensitive controls that let you quickly develop ideas. The integrated music maker is compatible with KOMPLETE, third party plugins and most DAW’s. Link it to other kinds of MASCHINE hardware for an enhance production experience that’s just great.

The workflow centers around an eight by eight “multiplayer click pad matrix” that can be programmed to play complex sequences and pattern arrangements. There are also eight Smart Strips that let you manipulate melodies gradually, plus a Lock function that stores parameter snapshots for instant recall during live performances.


The demo video above is performed by DJ OddKidOut inside a warehouse transformed into a multimedia installation that visually reacts to his music. It was filmed in LA. He integrates his MASCHINE controller with the MASCHINE JAM in the live routine.

Buy a MASCHINE JAM from the official Native Instruments website. Each unit includes MASCHINE 2.5 software and the KOMPLETE 11 SELECT bundle.

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