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News, Technology, Videos, Visual Jockeys | Oct 06, 2016   

Note the Old School Visuals for Justice’s “Randy”

Justice employs 25 SONY CRT Trinitron television sets to create the live visual installation in their retro, minimalistic music video for “Randy.”

French disco duo Justice have already revealed that their third studio album Woman is due on November 18th via Ed Banger Records. They also released two singles ahead of time as free downloads, including “Randy” and “Safe and Sound.” Now they’re premiering a live visual installation for the official music video of the former.

Directed by visual artist Thomas Jumin, the video captures a light show and other visuals playing on 25 television monitors. It was filmed live in Paris on September 17, 2016. The televisions SONY CRT Trinitrons from the year 1986 give the scene it’s nostalgia.

The CRT Trinitron is arguably one of SONY’s most popular products, and made them the number one producer of color TV’s in the 80’s and 90’s. They stopped manufacturing them in 2006. Akio Morita, co-founder of SONY, often said, “The Trinitron is the most important asset after the SONY brand name,” before he died in 1999.


Jumin told Mixmag:

“The idea for this screen installation came from an inclination for an aesthetic in live show lighting that is both powerful and minimalistic. The object itself, the CRT Trinitron by SONY, is iconic for people of a certain generation for its design and for its specific rendering of the image. The idea was to build an installation made of 25 screens from 1987 and to use them with video controllers and analogue converters. We simply filmed it like one would film an art installation, so as to retain the object’s authority and repetitive simplicity.”

Pre-order Woman by Justice on iTunes for $10.99.

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