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Phonon’s 02 Stick Headphone Offers a Different Way to DJ

Gear Reviews, News, Technology | Nov 16, 2017   

Phonon’s 02 Stick Headphone Offers a Different Way to DJ

New headphone alert – but maybe not the kind you’re used to. Phonon’s 02 Stick headphone has a monophone design with one earpiece and a foam stick for handheld convenience. The Japanese sound equipment company specializes in unique and new technologies, and their SMB-02 headphones are best-sellers with high accuracy monitoring. The 02 Stick headphone borrows this same technology, but has mixed left/right channels.

The 02 Stick headphone is said to be perfect for extended sets because of the comfortable sponge stick and thick but lightweight ear pads. The unique style monophone is used by simply holding it in place with one hand over one ear, or resting it on your shoulder and holding it to your ear that way. When using the 02 Stick with a DJ mixer with split cue function, the cue channel and the master channel will be mixed together as your output. 

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While a stick headphone might be used merely as a fashion statement, they also can help DJs focus less on the next track they’re going to play and more on energy of the crowd. The Phonon 02 Stick headphone is handmade in Japan in limited supplies. You can purchase them on the Phonon store website for $289 USD.

If you’re curious about using a monophone, but not quite ready to shovel out $289, another option is the Zomo Mono-Stick HD-120 which costs around $60-$80. Check here and here for availability.

So, do you love it or hate it? Let us know what you think of the stick headphone design. Would you be curious to try them, or do you need to have the option to wear headphones over both ears? We want to hear from you!

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