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Gear Reviews, News, Technology | Oct 27, 2016   

Pioneer DJ Offers Rekordbox Free with XDJ-RX

Pioneer DJ has announced that rekordbox software will now come free with each purchase of a XDJ-RX DJ controller. Read more here!

Starting November 1, customers that buy a Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX will receive a rekordbox DJ license key with their controller. Rekordbox DJ software by Pioneer DJ normally costs $129 for the license key, or about $10 per month for the subscription service.


Customers that already bought an XDJ-RX on prior to November 1 still qualify for a rekordbox DJ license key if they act before January 31, 2017. Starting November 7, 2016 visit this website to claim yours. If by some chance you buy an XDJ-RX and there is no license key inside the box, you should visit the same website after November 7.

You do not need a laptop to use this DJ controller, as it has ports for USB sticks. But if you wish to use it with DJ software on a laptop, now rekordbox comes bundled with the unit.

The Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX rekordbox DJ system is available online or from authorized distributors for $1,499 plus taxes. 

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