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News, Technology, Videos | Feb 08, 2016   

PLAYdifferently: New Company to Unlock Creative Potential

Richie Hawtin, along with Andy Rigby-Jones (past Allen & Heath employee/engineer) are releasing an innovative/creative/intuitive/original concept with their new project PLAYdifferently.

What is PLAYdifferently? The meaning is in the name. This new project promises to give creativity and innovation regarding DJing an “update.”

In the teaser, Richard Hawtin expressed that, “In the world of DJing today, there’s a lot of products to use, but there are a lot of the same.”

The new line of products from PLAYdifferently promises to unlock DJs’ potential and “innate creativity” like no other DJ product has before.

We’ll be keeping tabs on this story, but in the meantime share your thoughts in the comments below.

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