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News, Videos, Visual Jockeys | Oct 19, 2016   

Porter Robinson & Madeon Debut Anime Short

Porter Robinson and Madeon debuted their new anime video on a digital billboard in Tokyo’s Shibuya District, and will follow that with the Shelter tour.

You may not know but Porter Robinson likes anime. Now there is a short animated music video to accompany “Shelter” his collaboratory effort with French producer Madeon.


Titled Shelter the anime is about about a 17-year-old girl named Rin that lives in a virtual reality machine. In exchange for utter and complete loneliness she can create and explore an infinite universe of worlds. In the end we find out that everything is not as it seems because she has been living a “sheltered” existence.

There seems to be an underlying theme concerning depression when Lin says, “Even if those memories make me sad, I’ve got to go forward, believing in the future. Even when I realize my loneliness, and am about to lose all hope those memories make me stronger.”


According to Robinson:

“Japanese pop culture and anime have been a huge influence on my music, so getting the chance to make my own anime is very much a dream come true. To actually collaborate on creating anime is just unbelievable. The video for SHELTER is the most concrete distillation of being immersed into fantasy and it’s connection to reality. Most of our life experience is now in some way connected to technology. The world of SHELTER, this virtual reality universe that she’s stuck in where she has this superpower to create environments and go around and play in them and explore them everyday. It’s a beautiful notion and something that’s relevant to my own sensibility as an artist.”


The animation was produced by A-1 Pictures in partnership with Crunchyroll, a Japanese company that specializes in anime.

Meanwhile Madeon seems more excited about the upcoming Shelter Live Tour, based on this post from his Facebook page. The North American engagement takes place from 11/8/16 until 12/10/16. Several dates have already sold out.

Stream Shelter on Spotify, or watch the music video at the top of the page.

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