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The Pros and Cons of Playing in a DJ Duo

DJ Experience, Interviews, News | Feb 14, 2017   

The Pros and Cons of Playing in a DJ Duo

There are a lot of things that come great in pairs; socks, shoes, 2-for-1 drink specials at your local happy hour. But if you ever considered playing in a DJ duo there could be a lot of advantages or drawbacks, depending on how you look at it of course.

How would you know if it’s right for you? After all it’s a big commitment, as you’ll be sharing more than just equipment. You may have to split up gig money, production costs, and many more items that you probably haven’t considered sharing. However, on the flip-side you could be benefitting greatly from having another DJ on your team.

We had the chance to talk with Sascha of Hotfire about playing in a DJ duo. Hotfire is a San Diego based DJ group laying down heavy bass grooves at some of the hottest venues in SD, LA, Vegas, and NYC.


Sascha provided his list of pros and cons from his personal experience. Check them out below.


Adds more dimension to your set.

Having another DJ adding his or her creativity to the set can be a huge benefit. Since there are two thought-processes behind the planning of the set, it is more likely to curate a more refined sound.

Able to split up if necessary – either make double or if one is sick you can still make money.

Once you played a few sets with your partner and had the chance to get your names out in the local scene, you might be able to split the DJ duo up and have opportunities to make double the money in one night. Double-bookings in one night would be an issue if you were a solo act, but since there are two (or more) on your team you’ll both be easily able to rake in that gig money from different venues. Also, if one of you gets sick (which is bound to happen), then the healthy one will still be able to play the set.

Helps with branding – 2 people are working on the same branding/image

Branding is a very difficult endeavor to take on, especially if you’re all by yourself. There’s a reason people pay top dollar to agencies for help in branding and image. If you have another mind to help navigate the creative direction, then it might lighten the load and introduce possibilities that was only possible from your collaboration.

Being able to share music.

Music is the number one thing you absolutely need for your sets. Adding someone to your team will double your music library. As DJs, you can never have enough music.


Production takes longer to finalize.

Sometimes two minds can be better, but when the creative direction starts to pull in opposite directions then you’re headed for a huge headache.

Half as much money on gigs

While in our pros section we mentioned that you can potentially double your money in one night (by playing separate gigs at different venues), you will usually be playing with your partner. So yea, that means splitting up your payout.

Downtime in the set

On occasion there will be downtime in your set, you can’t avoid it. Then one of you who’s not playing will have to look busy. That could get pretty awkward depending on what you do. Word of advice, don’t fake it like the kid below…


Sometimes being a DJ is hard

Have more pros and cons? Share below!

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