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DJ Experience, News | Jul 20, 2016   

Rapper DTTX Dies of Heat Stroke at Age 46

Last week rapper DTTX from A Lighter Shade of Brown, passed away in Las Vegas following complications related to heat stroke. He was 46 years old.

dttx from a lighter shade of brown

Reports indicate that Bobby Ramirez (DTTX) was found unconscious in the streets of Las Vegas on a hot summer day. When paramedics arrived at the scene he had a temperature of 107º Fahrenheit (41.7º Celsius) and severe burns from lying on the hot pavement. He did not respond to their attempts to rouse him, and was transported to a nearby hospital. After about two weeks he died from a combination of cardiac arrest and heat stroke.

His surviving family told the press that although Ramirez did have issues with alcohol, they do not believe that is what killed him.

Ramirez was born in Riverside, California on September 26, 1969. He is best known as half of the Mexican-American rap group A Lighter Shade of Brown. Their 1990 single ‘On a Sunday Afternoon’ peaked at #39 on US Billboard charts, and was #1 in New Zealand.

One Dope Mexican a.k.a. ODM from A Lighter Shade of Brown a.k.a. Robert Gutierrez has asked benefactors to submit donations to help with funeral expenses. You can donate money to the Ramirez Family via PayPal here.

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