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Red Bull Thre3style Australia Pulls Title After Cheating Scandal

DJ Experience, News, Scratch Routines | Jul 13, 2016   

Red Bull Thre3style Australia Pulls Title After Cheating Scandal

Red Bull Thre3style Australia 2016 has revoked G Smooth’s national championship title after he was called out for cheating on Instagram by DJ Vekked.

If you want to enter the Red Bull Thre3styles, a worldwide scratch routine tournament, then playing a pre-engineered set is definitely frowned upon. That’s why it was a big deal yesterday when DJ Vekked, a five time world DMC Champion, suggested that the winner of the 2016 Australian leg of the competition had cheated.

According to DJ Vekked’s recent Instagram post, “Congrats to the @redbull3style Australian champ for pulling the wool over people’s eyes! Check the execution on his tonearm knock transition with both channels up that miraculously doesn’t affect the music at all. Wish I could knock the tonearm off the deck that clean!”

Vekked doesn’t mention the name of the DJ, but the winner of the Redbull Thre3style Australia was called G-Smooth. His 15-minute routine emerged triumphant over the runner up Beast Mode, as well as Ego, Chango Phat, Lowblow and Dameza.

It appears that G-Smooth was playing a pre-recorded set, because at one point his arm accidentally knocks the stylus off the record. Normally this would result in a terrible scratching sound with a lot of feedback. But here the music was not even interrupted.

Shortly after the post was made, Red Bull announced their decision to revoke G-Smooth’s championship title. The honor was instead awarded to the Australian finalist Beast Mode. Now he is the one to represent Australia in the upcoming world championships in Chile.

The Red Bull Thre3style Championships of 2016 will take place this year in Santiago de Chile. As is the tradition it is the hometown of 2015 World Champion DJ Byte. For more information on buying tickets check out the official Red Bull Thre3style Facebook page.

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