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rekordbox 5.1 Lyric Now Available, Lighting Mode Coming Soon

News, Technology, Videos | Jan 19, 2018   

rekordbox 5.1 Lyric Now Available, Lighting Mode Coming Soon

Not long after revealing a rekordbox-dedicated controller, Pioneer DJ announced both rekordbox version 5.1 with a lyric display feature, and the next version coming soon with lighting mode. Keep reading for more details and check out the official introduction videos.

rekordbox dj 5.1 Lyric

This new version of software enables an optional Plus Pack, rekordbox lyric, for displaying animated lyrics on monitors, LED screens or projectors. The software creates the animations automatically but you can also customize them to create your own look. Co-developed with COTODAMA, rekordbox 5.1 is the first DJ tool in the world to offer this technology.

The Lyric Plus Pack is available now for $6.90 per month, or for $14.90 per month you can subscribe for access to all Plus Packs, including rekordbox dvs, rekordbox video, RMX EFFECTS, and rekordbox lyric. Visit their website for a free 30-day trial to get started.

RB-DMX1 and Lighting Mode

Following the release of rekordbox 5.1, the next version of the software will arrrive on February 20. It will feature a lighting mode that sync lights with your music during a performance. Light sequences are automatically created using an advanced phrase analysis algorithm that syncs with the tracks in your rekordbox library. 

To use the lighting mode, you’ll need the dedicated DMX hardware interface, RB-DMX1, also available in February. The RB-DMX1 hardware connects to a PC/Mac using a USB cable and light sequence information can be sent to any lighting fixture that supports DMX512 via the RB-DMX1. The hardware will reportedly cost around $349 and come bundled with a full rekordbox dj license.


This technology has been available for a little while now through Serato DJ’s SoundSwitch, so we’re curious to see if the technology gains more momentum in 2018. Pioneer DJ says their new lighting mode will drastically reduce performance preparation time. We think it’s a great tool for mobile DJs or club DJs lacking a dedicated lighting technician.

What do you think of the new updates and do you plan to use either for live performances? Leave your comments below. We want to hear your opinion! 

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One thought on “rekordbox 5.1 Lyric Now Available, Lighting Mode Coming Soon

  1. This RB DMX interface is quite cool … but not really new. VirtualDJ Software supports a similar device from Soundswitch quite a time as far as i can recall. But good news Pioneer points in the same direction with this .

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