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Reloop Introduces Two New Turntables Under $300

News, Technology | Dec 20, 2018   

Reloop Introduces Two New Turntables Under $300

If you’re a beginner DJ or you are trying to get into the scratch game, Reloop has the perfect new turntable for you. Just introduced, the wallet-friendly RP-1000 MK2 and RP-2000 USB MK2 both come in under $300. Features include a removable headshell and ready-mounted OM Black pick-up by Ortofon, a balanced s-shaped tonearm, and more.

Right to left: the RP-2000 USB MK2 and the RP-1000 MK2

Reloop RP-2000 USB MK2

The more expensive of the two, the RP-2000 USB MK2 is available now for $299.99 USD. This quartz-driven DJ turntable has a direct drive motor and built-in phono pre-amp. The RP-2000 USB MK2 features a balanced s-shaped tonearm with hydraulic lift and anti-skating mechanism. The adjustable pitch control with a range of +/- 8 % is suitable for the finest pitch adjustments.

One of the best features of the RP-2000 USB MK2 is the USB audio output for direct and easy digitization of your vinyl records. This turntable is built with a reinforced housing construction and a redesigned metal top panel, making it extra durable.

Reloop RP-1000 MK2

Coming in at $249 USD, the RP-1000 MK2 is a high-quality turntable for new and prospective DJs. It is designed with the same heavy construction as the RP-2000 USB MK2, and has a powerful belt-drive motor system that absorbs unwanted vibration and noise.

The RP-1000 MK2 has a newly developed haptic touch that gives you clear feedback. With the push of a button, the aluminum target light can be extended, so that the needle position can be seen in dark surroundings. The RP-1000 MK2 also features adjustable pitch control with a range of +/-10 %.

To learn more about the RP-2000 USB MK2 or the RP-1000 MK2, visit Reloop’s website. Are you a scratch DJ? What do you think about these new turntable options from Reloop? Leave a comment below.

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