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Reloop’s New SHP-8 Headphones Have a Frequency Adjuster Switch

News, Technology | Jun 28, 2018   

Reloop’s New SHP-8 Headphones Have a Frequency Adjuster Switch

Reloop has released a new professional over-ear headphone, the SHP-8, designed for both the studio and DJ booth. What makes them unique is a feature built right in called Bass Accentuation Technology. It allows you to adjust the low-end frequency range for each earcup with the flip of a switch. Keep reading for more.

The SHP-8 headphones have a closed-back construction along with the Bass Accentuation Technology, giving a clear and precise reproduction of low frequencies. You can boost the lows by +3 dB or +6 dB, making it seamless to switch between the studio and DJ booth.

There are also a few features that make these headphones exceptionally comfortable and durable. Check out more details below:

  • Rotatable earcups for comfortable handling
  • Extendable aluminum headband adapts to fit perfectly 
  • Highly flexible headband to allow for one-ear monitoring
  • Comfortable padding composed of memory foam and premium protein leather with excellent humidity absorption characteristics – even during a long session
  • One-sided cable routing for flexibility
  • Replaceable, removable cable connection
  • 3.5 mm stereo jack cable with gold-plated plugs and spring-loaded bend protection
  • Sturdy high-quality construction containing aluminum with a gunmetal finish
  • Velvet bag and gold-plated 6.3 mm stereo jack adapter included

Reloop’s SHP-8 headphones are priced at around $120 USD and will be available for purchase this month. To find out where you can buy these or for more information, visit Reloop’s website.

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