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Review: BPM Supreme Staff Talks Favorite Ableton Live 10 Features

Gear Reviews, News, Technology | Mar 05, 2018   

Review: BPM Supreme Staff Talks Favorite Ableton Live 10 Features

Last month, the long-awaited Ableton update was released – Live 10. With features like new devices and significant workflow improvements, the BPM Supreme staff was eager to get their hands on the new version. We thought it would be cool to share some insight and feedback from our in-house experts. Keep reading to see our favorite features on Ableton Live 10.

Groups in Groups

The ability to create groups within groups is a feature a lot of users are excited about. This helps you stay even more organized and find what you’re looking for faster.

New Shortcuts

There are a ton of new keyboard shortcuts that help speed up workflow techniques like zooming, collapsing channels, and automation. Check out a full list of the shortcuts on Ableton’s website.

Two New Audio Effects

There are two new stock audio effects in version 10: Drum Buss for drum saturation and crunch/punchiness, and Echo for cool echo delay effects.

Push Update

Ableton Live 10 features updates for Push 1 and 2, and enables Push 2 integration. Some notable features of the update include improved chord selection for Push 1 and 2’s Melodic Sequencer and ability to activate Live’s Capture feature by pressing the Record and New button at the same time. On Push 2, the state of a track (e.g., current Layout in use) can now be saved when saving a default track.

Metronome Updates

You can finally change the sound of the tick and change the speed rhythm of the metronome. It also has a very useful “record only” option that stops metronome on normal playback and starts it automatically if you are recording.

Revamped Exporting

There are more file types you’re now able to export. Plus, you can export a lossless file and MP3 file at the same time. We love this updated exporting feature!

Automation View

In previous versions of Live, the automation would be directly on top of the channel at all times. It’s now in a separate view from the automation, making editing audio even smoother.

Overall, the BPM Supreme staff was most excited about small improvements that really make using Ableton easier and more enjoyable. You can read about all of the changes in Live 10 on Ableton’s website

What are you favorite things about Live 10? Are you a new Ableton user? Leave us your comments below.

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