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Gear Reviews, News, Technology, Videos | Jul 27, 2016   

ROLI Debuts Seaboard Tutorial Series on YouTube

Watch as Berklee Associate Professor Erin Barra explains how to get the most out of your ROLI Seaboard in this free online course.

ROLI Seaboard 25 key

The Seaboard is an award winning instrument that takes piano keys to the next level. Available as the Seaboard RISE and Seaboard Grand, the MIDI controller features a continuous, touch-responsive surface in place of the traditional keyboard. The entire surface responds to touch, and players can produce different tones by sliding their hands or pressing in one spot continuously and wiggling their fingers.

ROLI, a design-led technology company based in London, also produces the NOISE app and Equator production software.

seaboard rise 25 and 49
ROLI Seaboard RISE 25 and 49


The entire course encompasses 23 videos with Barra that cover topics such as the five dimensions of touch, exploring presets, DAW integration or plugins and automation. Dedicated students may want to continue the lesson by watching the other courses.

Seaboard RISE and GRAND are available at authorized distributors near you. The Seaboard RISE costs $799.99-$1,999.99 for the 25-key and 49-key models respectively. Serious pianists should consider the Seaboard GRAND, which sells for $1,999 for 37 keys, and $2,999 for 61 keys. 

seaboard grand 61 keys
ROLI Seaboard GRAND 61-key


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