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Gear Reviews, News, Technology | Aug 02, 2016   

Russians Re-Issue Soviet Era Polivoks Synthesizer

The classic Polivoks synthesizer manufactured from 1982 to 1990 had a raw, Cold War era sound that no one could duplicate. Now they might be for sale again.

When the Berlin wall fell and the Soviet Union disbanded, a lot of westerners were surprised to learn that the Russians had been building synthesizers the whole time. One unit in particular had a unique sound that musicians loved, and the Polivoks became the most popular Russian synthesizer since the theramin.

polivoks synthesizer original issue

Word on the street is that they have plans to re-release the Polivoks synthesizer in a modern and compact version. The original device weighed 44 pounds (20 kg). The new one is about six and a half pounds (3 kg). Despite the effects of globalization, each synthesizer is hand made in Moscow, using over 85% locally sourced materials. To stay true to the authentic feeling of the instrument, the labels are all written in Russian.

polivoks synthesizer press

front of polivoks synthesizer

polivoks synthesizer inside

There are 100 Polivoks synthesizers available for pre-order at the official website. Each Polivoks synthesizer costs about $2,000.

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