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#SaveChew Campaign – Live Streaming Platform for DJs Raising Money

DJ Experience, News, Technology | Mar 17, 2017   

#SaveChew Campaign – Live Streaming Platform for DJs Raising Money

A popular live streaming platform for DJs called Chew.TV is in danger of shutting down. 

For the past few years Chew.TV has been growing their platform to support a passionate community of DJs across the world. But due to the carelessness of a few users who wanted to livestream a sports event, Chew.TV was hit hard financially and might not recover.

Here’s a short snippet of what occurred taken from the Chew.TV website:

At the end of December, we discovered our infrastructure had been misused. Pirates(s) had used Chew’s platform to illegally rebroadcast a major sporting event — streaming their live content on our infrastructure, while delivering it on their own ad-supported websites. The required hotlinking safeguards were not available as a feature of our Content Delivery Network provider until a few months before the compromise (long after our system was first developed) — and as such those preventative measures were not in place.

We at BPM Supreme have been friends with the good people at Chew.TV for quite some time and want to do our best to spread the awareness of their latest campaign, #SaveChew.

Check out how you can help #SaveChew here.

There are many young DJs entering the community with a passion to share and create experiences through music. Help keep the community thriving by keeping communities like Chew.TV alive and well!


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