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News, Scratch Routines, Technology, Videos | Dec 06, 2016

See DJ Fong Fong’s Reloop MIXTOUR Showcase

Watch in amazement as DMC World Champion DJ Fong Fong performs a scratch routine using Algoriddim’s djay 2 DJ App and a Reloop MIXTOUR DJ Controller.


DJ Fong Fong DMC Champion doesn’t like to mince a lot of words or specify a hometown on his Facebook profile. The French DJ’s official YouTube channel features a series of original scratch routines. In the video he is performing with a iPad running djay 2, and a Reloop MIXTOUR DJ Controller. He is able to control the sound like a turntable.

Algoriddim’s range DJ mobile applications include djay Pro, djay 2 and vjay. The are the first DJing app to offer iTunes and Spotify integration in an emerging marketplace.


Djay 2 works great when combined with the Reloop MIXTOUR DJ controller. The portable device is the first controller with that supports PC, Mac, iOS and Android. It comes ‘read-2-mix’ with an audio interface and all the necessary controls.

Download Algoriddim’s apps from the App Store or Google Play, and then get yourself a Reloop MIXTOUR, available from authorized distributors for about $199.99.


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