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Serato DJ Pro 2.1.1 Officially Released

News, Technology | Mar 06, 2019   

Serato DJ Pro 2.1.1 Officially Released

Serato DJ Pro 2.1.1 is available now. The latest version of this popular DJ software comes with two exciting new features and Official Serato Accessories (OSA) support for five pieces of hardware. Keep reading for more.

Serato DJ Pro 2.1.1 has arrived after entering public beta testing just last month. New features include independent pad modes and OSA remapping. Plus, there is OSA support for the Reloop RP8000 MK2 and four Roland drum machines.

Independent Pad Modes

DJs using OSAs alongside their primary hardware can now use different pad modes on each device.

OSA Remapping

OSA remapping allows OSAs with MIDI functionality to be customized to change the Serato DJ Pro features they control.

OSA Support for Reloop RP8000 MK2

In Serato DJ Pro 2.1.1, there is added OSA support for the Reloop RP8000 MK2. This new turntable can control up to seven Serato DJ Pro pad modes, and comes with Platter Play mode, a new hardware option for tone play. Read more about the RP-8000 MK2 here.

Serato x Roland TR-SYNC

The new Serato x Roland TR-Sync update brings the power of Roland’s drum machines to a Serato DJ Pro setup. Roland’s iconic TR-8, TR-8S, TR-08, or TR-09 drum machines now come Serato DJ OSA-ready allowing DJs to effortlessly match the BPM of the TR drum machines with tracks playing on Serato DJ Pro.

In addition to these new features, Serato has also made improvements and bug fixes. For a full list of release notes, click here. To learn more or download version 2.1.1, visit Serato’s website.

Serato recommends that your computer is fully optimized before using Serato DJ Pro, so check out their PC Optimization Guide for Windows and Mac Optimization Guide for macOS/OS X for best performance.

Let us know if you’re excited about the new updates in Serato DJ Pro 2.1.1. We want to hear from you!

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