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Soundcloud to Cut Off DJ Mixes for Good

News, Technology | May 16, 2016   

Soundcloud to Cut Off DJ Mixes for Good

It’s finally come. We all knew it was coming and some of us were in denial. But they finally did it. Soundcloud has been preparing to block out all DJ mixes from their website. An unknown source close to the company has provided insight about the company’s plans to execute this plan in the coming year. 

Soundcloud has been under scrutiny for quite some time now, both by record labels imposing the heavy financial burdens and by its affected DJ user-base. At this point, Soundcloud’s hands are likely tied, putting themselves in a position of Ouroboros (the serpent eating its own tail).

Will Soundcloud revive itself, or are they on track for record profit losses and be doomed into obscurity?

With many DJs mass migrating to services like iTunes and Mixcloud, Soundcloud’s future looks bleak. 

Share your thoughts on the possible outcomes in the comment section below!

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3 thoughts on “Soundcloud to Cut Off DJ Mixes for Good

  1. After 4 pulled mixes made the permanent move to mixcloud. Artists get paid and my mixes stay up. Win/win

  2. I am all for the artists of the individual songs being paid for their work. I also feel very strongly that DJ’s need to be able too and should be able too promote their skills. Unfortunately, for DJ’s to promote their skills properly they need to use the copyrighted work of other artists. Working DJ’s are one of the best advertising tools that the record labels and individual artists have. This has never really gotten through the very thick skulls of record label executives and they have always treated DJ’s as if the DJ were a very distant relative that they secretly hated but had to be nice to once a year at family reunions. I cannot speak for all DJ’s but I know that I try to do my part by ensuring that I only use remixes in my sets that I have downloaded through DJ service sites that I am a member of. I always ensure that the playlist of my set is competed and is accurate at the end of each set. After all, if it wasn’t for the creativity and hard work of the artists who’s music I used in each one of those sets, I wouldn’t be in that DJ booth being paid to do what I love in the first place. The record labels need to realize that if it wasn’t for the DJ’s of the world, their artists and the music that they make would not be as popular as it is. The DJ is the best promotion tool that the record labels and artists have available to them. Isn’t it about time that the DJ’s be allowed to promote themselves? Soundcloud became very popular very early on in its existence. Because of its wild popularity, it became the best option for DJ’s to utilize to promote their work. The record labels should have worked with Soundcloud to come up with a solution that would have satisfied their desire to make money and the DJ’s need to get their sets out to as many pairs of ears that they could. Instead, the record labels have only seen people with eye patches and swords stealing their money and taking the food right out of the mouths of their artists. Mixcloud has offered the best solution to this problem. They ensure that the artist and labels make money whenever an artist’s songs are streamed through their site. That includes songs that are being streamed within a mixed set which is why you need to supply a compete track list when you upload a new mixed set. As a DJ, this works out well for me. I know that I cannot and will not make direct money off of any of these sets but getting these sets out in front of more ears does increase my popularity with club goers which in turn draws in larger crowds which in turn allows me to ask for more money when negotiating my services. I can also just point club managers and club owners to my Mixcloud page where they can listen to a variety of my sets. I know that these sets are going to still be there because all legalities have been satisfied as far as the record labels are concerned. It sounds ideal but there is one problem with this. DJ’s have not been willing to dump Soundcloud and embrace Mixcloud. It is what I call the Facebook mentality. There might be a better service than Facebook but all their friends use Facebook so they refuse to use the better service. Everyone has a Soundcloud account. Not so much when it comes to Mixcloud. Perhaps the failure of Soundcloud and the record labels to find a solution to this problem will finally force DJ’s to do the smart thing and migrate in mass to Mixcloud which is a site that was created to meet their needs.

  3. I’ve been hearing this news for the last three years…So….I hope it isn’t true, because I think Mixcloud sux…

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