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SoundSwitch Bridges Gap Between Serato and Lighting

Gear Reviews, Technology, Visual Jockeys | Jun 20, 2016   

SoundSwitch Bridges Gap Between Serato and Lighting

Serato is teaming up with New Zealand manufacturer Onesixone Limited to bring us the SoundSwitch. The new device helps performers sync up lighting to music.

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Recently Serato announced they were working with Onesixone on a new product known as the SoundSwitch. Based in Tauranga, NZ, the technology company was founded in 2012 by Callum Jamieson, Zak Meyers (CEO) and Matt Watkins. The computer hardware and software engineering firm has developed a technology solution that allows DJ’s and VJ’s to integrate DMX lighting with live audio. The new system gives producers and engineers flexible control in more than one environment. 

DMX lighting, or Digital Multiplex 512, is the standard communications network used to control stage lighting and special effects.

dmx lighting 630 x 400

There is no word on its an official release date, but press representatives say it will debut sometime this July. Confirm that day by visiting the official website.

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