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Splice Adds Circle² Synthesizer to the Rent-to-Own Plugin Lineup

News, Technology | Nov 30, 2017   

Splice Adds Circle² Synthesizer to the Rent-to-Own Plugin Lineup

The newest rent-to-own plugin on Splice is now available. Circle² synthesizer by Future Audio Workshop is an elegant soft synth with an intuitive sound design. Through Splice Rent-to-Own plans, you can begin with a free 3-day trial and then pay $7.99 per month until you own the plugin outright.

Described as a sonic playground for both beginners and pros, Circle² is easy to use with a color-coded design and an option to preview an effect before applying it. A single window interface simplifies the experience further and lets users seamlessly create without searching through sub-menus or hidden panels.

Additional features of Circle² include:

  • 5 sound sources, 10+ sound modifiers and 9 master effects
  • ADSR envelope, LFO, Sequencer, and Arpeggiator modulators
  • Bonus wavetable generator
  • Available as VST, AU, AAX, and standalone

More about Rent-to-Own Splice Plugins

Splice is a cloud-based platform that offers samples, loops and presets for music creation, collaboration and sharing. The platform is used by some of today’s most innovative producers and DJs.

The Rent-to-Own platform was introduced in August after teaming up with Steve Duda’s Xfer Records for the first plugin, Serum. Serum is a wavetable synth that you can rent-to-own for $9.99 per month. Other available plugins include iZotope’s Ozone 8 and Neutron 2 audio effects. 

View all of the available rent-to-own plugins or browse free plugins. Let us know which of the Splice plugins you are most interested in. We want to hear from you!

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