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News, Technology, Visual Jockeys | Aug 15, 2016   

Spotify Adds Videos and Video Game Music

Spotify is already the top music streaming service, but they want more, more! Watch the first episode of Deconstructing, then see their video game channel.

Last May Spotify announced they were adding videos to their entertainment line up, which already includes nearly every song and album in the world. Not satisfied with 25 billion listening hours and restructuring the economy of the music industry, now they will incorporate video clips into the user experience. Spotify will suggest video and audio shows based on what your individual selections and preferences.

watch news on your phone with spotify

In addition to audio and video footage from ABC, Adult Swim, BBC, Comedy Central, Condé Nast Entertainment, ESPN, Fusion, Maker Studios, NBCUniversal, TBS, TED and Vice News, there will be twelve Spotify Originals to watch. There will be a lot of different shows, such as Rush Hour, featuring two famous rappers in a van, or Rhymes & Misdemeanors, a mini-documentary concerning musical crimes.

Deconstructing, produced by ATTN:, explores the factors that contribute to different styles of music, like feminism, LGBT rappers or national anthems. The first episode premiered on August 11 and so far there are mixed reactions. It was a two-minute history about the political and social origins of electronic dance music.

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Tom Calderone, Global Head of Spotify Studios, Video & Content Development, stated, “Creating content for fans by fans allows us to produce authentic narratives that resonate with our audience. With this series we wanted to give fans a perspective on how politics and society shape the music they love.”

He added, “ATTN: is a creatively disruptive company that embraces tackling sensitive political issues and connects with an incredibly active young audience.”

According to Matthew Segal, ATTN:’s co-founder and Editor-in-Chief, “ATTN: specializes in creating short-form videos that make important issues digestible and entertaining. We are excited to partner with Spotify and their new video platform to illustrate how music mirrors our political and social fabric.”

spotify for gamers

Meanwhile, Spotify has created a music channel for gamers that plays video game soundtracks. This comes after the spike of streaming Pokemon songs that followed the debut of Pokemon Go. There are many new playlists to hear include ‘Power Gaming,’ ‘RetroWave/Outrun’ and ‘Electronic Gamer.’

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