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Spotify Just Bought Soundtrap, a Start-Up Online Music Recording Studio

DJ Experience, News, Technology | Nov 17, 2017   

Spotify Just Bought Soundtrap, a Start-Up Online Music Recording Studio

In their latest expansion venture, Spotify has acquired the start-up online music recording service, Soundtrap, for an undisclosed amount. In the official press release, the music streaming company says that “Soundtrap’s rapidly growing business is highly aligned with Spotify’s vision of democratizing the music ecosystem.”

Soundtrap is a Swedish start-up online platform dedicated to empowering artists of all levels to create music online with a web-based, easy to use, collaborative music recording and production studio. Users have access to hundreds of virtual instruments and loops, and can record creations with any device. The free ‘basic’ version allows you to make up to five projects, or upgrade to a paid subscription to make 50+ projects.

While most of Spotify’s advancements have been to improve the user experience, this one is a bit different and sparks the question of the direction Spotify will head in. Spotify has been influential in helping new artists gain recognition, and so we hope with the addition of Soundtrap to their family, more unknown (superstar) music creators can find the same kind of success.

The Soundtrap service will continue to operate as usual and we’ll keep you posted as this story progresses. For now, check out Soundtrap and let us know if you find the tool to be helpful.

Is an online music studio interesting to you, and would you find it helpful to collaborate with others in this community? We want to hear from you! Leave your thoughts below.

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