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Supreme Music Videos: Top 5 – 12/19/2016

Charts, News, Videos, Visual Jockeys | Dec 19, 2016   

Supreme Music Videos: Top 5 – 12/19/2016

It was a busy week for new music videos. Check out the top five most streamed ones on YouTube, and download them from BPM Supreme if you haven’t already!

Supreme Music Videos – 12/19/2016

1. Chris Brown ft Gucci Mane & Usher – Party

Chris Brown, Gucci Mane and Usher party with children in the music video for their new single “Party” that has almost ten million views so far. The song comes to you as part of the R&B/pop singer’s upcoming studio album Heartbreak on a Full Moon due out next year. Meanwhile Gucci Mane has dropped The Return of East Atlanta Santa just in time for the holidays. Usher is somewhere in Atlanta, and he’s okay physically.

2. Mac Miller ft Ariana Grande – My Favorite Part

Isn’t young, celebrity love beautiful? The collaboration between Ariana Grande and her lover southern rapper Mac Miller is the second most viewed music video of the week with nearly nine million streams. Unlike traditional duets that have two equal parts, she just sings background during the chorus even though she has the better voice of the two.

3. Lady Gaga – Million Reasons

Lady Gaga’s solo track “Million Reasons” was the third top music video of the week. The fame monster went country this year and was in so many good television shows that some fair weather fans unfollowed as they began to suspect she might be an actual artist and not a model. Thus far “Million Reasons” has over eight million streams and counting.

4. Big Sean – Bounce Back

Big Sean bounced back stronger than ever with over 4.5 million views of the official music video fittingly titled “Bounce Back.” The mind-bending visuals were produced by Hitmaka and Smash David, with help from Metro Boomin and Amaire Johnson. They say that if you listen closely you can hear additional vocals by Kanye West.

5. Pentatonix – Cold Winter

Pentatonix, an accapella boy/girl group from Texas with a Satanic sounding name, covered “Cold Winter” by Kanye West in a fit of inspiration, and it is now the fifth most viewed music video of the week on YouTube. The plot of the video follows the Christmastime drama in a family of snowmen. A PENTATONIX CHRISTMAS is out now!

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