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DJ Experience, News, Videos | Jul 19, 2016   

Swedes Dismayed By Ingrosso’s Alcoholic Popsicles

In Sweden, citizens have started a petition to have N1CE frozen cocktails removed from supermarkets. The company was founded by Sebastian Ingrosso.

Swedish laws that regulate the sale of alcohol are notoriously strict. The only place to buy alcohol with more than 3.5% alcohol by volume is at a chain of state run liquor stores called Systembolaget. And Swedish House Mafia is the biggest music group in the country. So when Ingrosso from the Swedish House Mafia founded a company that sells alcoholic popsicles with his friends Axwell and Alesso, local citizens took notice.

n1ce frozen cocktails 1

The problem is that a loophole in the law makes it okay to sell the frozen treats locally even though they contain over 5% alcohol by volume. Popsicles are technically a food, not a beverage, which means they slip past the legal regulations. Furthermore Swedish English language newspaper the Local says that numerous complaints have been filed with the Swedish Consumer Agency in regards to advertisements for N1CE popsicles.

n1ce frozen cocktails 3

IOGT-NTO director Leif Arne Gustavsson pointed out, “It’s a way to market alcohol in many locations, and to make alcohol more clearly the norm by getting it in different contexts. Especially with regards to popsicles, which are something you associate with children.” It is true that young people tend to favor the music festivals where the frozen cocktails are usually sold.

n1ce frozen cocktails 4

Last May Ingrosso, Axwell and Alesso announced they were founding N1CE, along with Jimmy Dymott, Chief Mixologist, and Mikael Drene, CEO. The company plans to expand to 11 more countries this year. They are still crowd sourcing investors via the website Wefunder, Inc. There are investor perks too. Anyone that donates over $100,000 can join Ingrosso on stage in Ibiza, provided they pay for their own plane ticket. 

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In a letter to investors that is signed by all three DJ’s, N1CE said the following, “We’ve cracked the code on how to bring mixed drinks to the public in a ready-to-serve frozen cocktail. This summer, we’re contracted into festivals that have over 2,5 million attendees, which is the push we need to go global with our brand. The overall market potential for this is huge, not just in festivals and in the music scene, but in hotels, restaurants, beach clubs, retailers, groceries, convenience stores –you name it and we’re going there.”

n1ce frozen cocktails 2

The time has come for you to decide. Sign the petition banning the sale of alcoholic popsicles in Sweden. Or take Ingrosso’s side and invest in his company via Wefunder. A third option involves sitting around and not caring that much. Or you could eat a popsicle.

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