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News, Scratch Routines, Videos | Jun 13, 2016   

Tag Team Insomnia w/ Chris Karns and DJ Rafik

Chris Karns and DJ Rafik get together for a scintillating scratch routine.

When two well known turntablists team up on one setup then anything could happen. Watch this scratch routine featuring the stylings of Chris Karns and DJ Rafik as they push buttons, turn knobs and do other producer stuff.

Karns posted the set on his official Facebook profile ten hours ago, where it has already garnered over 25,000 views. He wrote in the caption, “Had the privilege of jamming with one of my favorite DJs in the world Dj Rafik while I was in Germany, and we had a few extra minutes between planes and trains to throw this little ditty together. Enjoy!”

Both men are turntable artists. Karns is known as a DMC World Champion and three time winner of the Red Bull Thre3style. He also placed as a finalist on VH1’s Master of the Mix series on cable television. Rafik is a six time DJ world champion, and a graduate of the Red Bull Music Academy.

? Rafik is for the children ? Nu video on them Facebooks and YouTubes

A video posted by @dj_rafik on

In addition to the audio, the duo creates a unique vibe with the use of special effects and graphic art in their routine. Be sure to check it out on Facebook or YouTube.

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