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Technics Marketing Team: 1200s Not Suitable for DJs

DJ Experience, News, Technology | Jan 04, 2017   

Technics Marketing Team: 1200s Not Suitable for DJs

Technics turning its back on DJs

What Moog is to synths, Gibson is to guitars, Gretsch is to drums, Technics is to DJs; specifically the Technics 1200s. Since their original release, the 1200s were (and still are) a staple to the DJ. If you wanted to have a solid setup, you made sure to have a pair have 1200s.

When we first reported the re-release of the 1200s last year, the news swept like a hurricane through the music industry, but it especially resonated deeply to the DJ world. Even with the high price-tag, DJs were awe-struck with the news.

However in this latest NY Times article titled, A Turntable Reborn Turns Its Back on Its Hip-Hop Legacy, it’s now reported that the marketing team behind the re-release of Technics SL-1200 have a new target market, older audiophiles with a six-figure salary. The Technics marketing team is essentially turning its back on the consumer base that incidentally could be the same base that propelled this product in the upper-echelon of DJ equipment. 

The Panasonic Corporation who re-released the Technics 1200s have confirmed their endeavors to give this product a marketing-makeover, now embracing elitist audiophiles with expendable income.

Read the statement from the Creative Director of the Technics Division regarding the new target market:

“Our concept is analog records for hi-fi listening. D.J.s are fine, too, but as a marketing target it’s problematic. We don’t want to sell the 1200 as the best tool for The 1200 is the 1200.”

It’s OK Technics, DJs are a very adaptive community. This will provide other DJ-focused manufacturers an opportunity to provide the next flagship turntables for DJs. Perhaps the PLX-1000?

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