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The Best Protection for your Ears

DJ Experience, News, Technology | Mar 03, 2017

The Best Protection for your Ears

There is a lot of emphasis in the DJ community about protecting your ears. Hearing loss is a very real thing for DJs. Constant volume at a high dB can cause irreversible/permanent damage to your hearing.

The idea of having a permanent issue to your hearing, especially as a DJ is a nightmare. That’s like an airline pilot losing their eyesight. Below are the best ear protection for DJs according to DJs from a recent Reddit thread.

EarPeace HD Ear Plugs

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Earpeace HD Ear Plugs are one of the highest rated plugs on the market. According to the many reviews we found, the 3 best benefits of these plugs are the comfort level, the filtering quality, and the price. Plus they are very discreet.

Custom Moulds

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According to user Rythmicon, custom moulds are a God-send. After a quick search on Google we found many local resources offering custom moulds. The price looks to be in the $150-$200 range, however they do look like a worthwhile investment.


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Ranging anywhere from $10 to $300, Etymotics ear plugs have a diverse selection for musicians of various backgrounds. For the most part these ear plugs seem to be a solid choice.

Custom Westones

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Completely customizable and full of features, Westones look very appealing to any DJ no matter the format. They are pricey, but they look like a really good investment. They also have a 2 year warranty.


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*These are the earplugs pictured in our cover photo. There are many DJs who do use Dubs, but they seem to be targeted more towards someone attending a concert rather than the actual musician/DJ. They are reasonably priced and rated pretty well.

Do you use hearing protection that’s not mentioned above? Share in the comments! We’d love to hear about them.

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