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Top 10 BPM Classics 1/20/2016

Charts, News | Jan 20, 2016   

Top 10 BPM Classics 1/20/2016


This week’s Way Back Wednesday is special in celebration of the life of the legendary David Bowie. Get groovy with some of his greatest hits and throw in some classic hip hop tracks to take you back. Make sure your sets are on point with these tracks at

1. David Bowie – Fame

2. Queen & David Bowie – Under Pressure

3. David Bowie – China Girl

4. David Bowie – Ziggy Stardust

5. David Bowie – Space Oddity

6. David Bowie & Mick Jagger – Dancing In The Streets

7. Dr. Dre ft Daz, Snoop Dogg, Colin Wolfe & Nate Dogg – Deez Nuuuts

8. Jay-Z – D’Evils

9. Jay-Z – Encore

10. Erick Sermon – Music

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