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DJ Experience, Gear Reviews, News | Jan 21, 2016   

BPM at The NAMM Show 2016! Top 5 DJ Gear of the Day

Dear Friends, Followers, and DJ Gear Lovers,

It’s difficult to describe The NAMM Show in words. All we could say is that it’s definitely something to behold in person. Music manufacturers from all corners of the globe convene in what could be described as gear heaven.

As the above title states, we wanted to provide you a ‘teaser’ of sorts of the day today. The Top 5 DJ gear we saw made us abuzz with glee and excitement today. There were of course a diverse array of other DJ gear at The NAMM Show and equipment which we will cover.

Stay tuned for more videos from BPM Supreme! We’ll be releasing detailed videos and interviews about all these pieces over the coming weeks. 

As we’re hard at work prepping more NAMM videos for you, make sure to follow our unique hashtag on Instagram and Twitter #BPMatNAMM2016 for live gear updates and announcements in real time.

Stay connected.

Love BPM Supreme


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