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DJ Experience, Interviews, News, Videos | Feb 04, 2016   

Vice’s Electric Taco: Episode 2 Featuring A-Trak

What is Electric Taco? Electric Taco is an amalgamation, a convergence, a flavorful fusion of the DJ world and TACOS. Vice is hosting this new YouTube interview series, giving a closer look at some of the industry’s hottest DJs. 

Interesting takeaways from the video:

  • “DJing and Turntablism should never feel old school. We’re here to get the party going, do some fresh shit, be as dope as possible.” – A-Trak
  • Playing in the club with confetti sucks ass. 
  • A-Trak has secret plans for the battle-world. A-trak is going to shake things up!
  • Surround yourself with people that make you become better.
  • Remember, it’s pronounced Alain (ah-lawn) not ALAN or ADAM!

Great video Vice! Looking forward to tuning in to more of your tasty adventures.

Signing off,

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