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Victorious!!! 2015 Red Bull Thre3style World Finals Recap

News | Sep 21, 2015   

Victorious!!! 2015 Red Bull Thre3style World Finals Recap

In case you have been living under a rock, The Red Bull Thre3style World Finals has been burning up the news feed in the DJ Community all week long. This year the competition was hosted in Tokyo, Japan bringing all of the world finalist under one roof to battle it out on one stage.

Tuesday night the World Finals qualifying round kicked off with DJ Byte, J. Espinosa, and DJ Cinara. After listening to each set on Mixcloud posted by Red Bull Thre3style it was clear that DJ Byte and DJ J. Espinosa sets were exactly what defines Red Bull Thre3style. Unfortunately there can only be one winner chosen to move on to Sunday Night, and the highly qualified Judges decided that DJ Byte was the better choice for Tuesday night, advancing him to the Big Dance Sunday Night. Well, The following days proceeded with the same stipulation from Tuesday night, advancing the Canadian Charley Hustle on Wednesday, Switzerland’s very own DJ WIZ Thursday, The German DJ Dan Gerous on Friday, and DJ Ride, the “Lucky Bastid” of Portugal on Saturday night. Since the beginning of the Red Bull Thre3style Competition, there has always been a second chance for one DJ to continue as a wildcard. This year that Wildcard was earned by California’s very own DJ J. Espinosa.

The Night of the Big Dance was packed full of action from the most Talented DJ’s in the World. The night started off with sets by DJ Hedspin(2011 RB3 Champion), Four Color Zack (2012 RB3 Champion), Shintaro (2013 RB3 Champion), and the reigning Champion of 2014 Eskei 83. When the entire openings Line up are Champions, as a competitor it’s a must that you bring your A Game to the
table. Leave it all on the line and let the Judges do their job. Leading off the competition portion, is the Wildcard DJ J. Espinosa representing the USA. J. Espinosa is definitely one of the strongest DJ’s in this competition and his set definitely set the bar for the other competitors. DJ Byte from Chile was right after the USA Champion, putting an end to any hopes that J. Espinosa might have had in thinking he could Win. DJ Byte 15 minute set was nothing short of a well balanced, action packed, creative dj set. Definitely one of the Best we’ve seen since the beginning of RB3.

The Night continued with a textbook performance from Charley Hustle. After watching Charley Hustles set it was clear that his set was meticulously calculated and precise. A little too precise if you ask me. The appearance of looking comfortable and confident was non-existent in this performance. Although it was a solid routine, it never reached the Level of the DJ who performed before him, therefore his set was quickly forgotten.

After Charley Hustle was the Heavily Skilled “Lucky Bastid” DJ Ride. DJ Ride set was one of the most technical sets that we’ve seen in a long time. With a DMC background we expected nothing less from DJ Ride. This set was filled with all of the elements of a turntablist. But as we all know, sometimes that’s not good enough to be a World Champion. Unlike the DMC’s the RB3style have other categories that need to be fulfilled in order to be a World Champion. Such as Crowd Participation, Song Selection, and the ability to rock a party. DJ Ride 15 minute set was more of a Showcase set, All Skill with little to no Party Rocking involvement.

The night continued with DJ WIZ representing Switzerland and DJ Dan Gerous representing Germany. The only thing I can say about these 2 performances was that DJ WIZ gave a performance safe enough to be in the top 3, but it definitely did not have the characteristics of a World Winning set. As for Dj Dan Gerous, I don’t think he put his best foot forward, meaning he did not perform a clean place setting set. The German definitely earned his place in the finals, but fell short of a World Title.






As the night Concluded with a live mind blowing performance from the Invincible Skratch Picklez, it was time to announce the winner of the Red Bull Thre3style World DJ Championship. In Third place, DJ WIZ of Switzerland, Second place was USA’s J. Espinosa, and the new 2015 World Champion is DJ Byte from Chile. The judges ( DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Z-Trip, Kentaro, Scratch Bastid, DJ Craze) felt they have chosen the best of the best to fulfill the title of Red Bull Thre3style World champion, and with the credentials of the judges, one can not argue against their decision. Congratulations to the New Red Bull World DJ Champion and I would like to thank the entire Red Bull Thre3style team for another amazing and successful year. Stay tune to BPMSupreme for more DJ content from around the world. DMC World finals is up Next!!!!

Here’s a recap video of DJ Byte’s Set-

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