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Gear Reviews, News, Technology | Jun 21, 2016 Turns any SoundCloud Track into a Record

As the DJ battle over analog versus digital continues, one company wants to bring the two worlds together. is a technology startup that will allow music fans to turn any SoundCloud track into a vinyl record. The startup was founded by the creators of Qrates, a platform that allows musicians to crowdfund and sell their tracks in vinyl and digital format.

There is a type of music collector that deals exclusively in records. Vinyl sales have steadily increased in the last ten years, despite the advent of MP3’s and DJ software. Last year around 12 million records were sold to music fans across the US. And most of them make record shopping a regular part of their life. They even Facebook and Instagram about it. Therefore its not correct to say that the record is an outdated medium.

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While digging for records at the store has a niceness to it, there is a lot of new music that never gets pressed into the grooves of a record. Others have to special order the records they want online at an exorbitant price. A lot of artists would love to release a vinyl music, but don’t want to get stuck with a lot of dead stock if no one buys it.

This is when the ability to create customized vinyl records online comes in handy.

Users will link the service to their SoundCloud account and then create projects with the tracks they would like to buy. then notifies the artist about the demand. Musicians have the option to crowdfund the project and take inventory of pre-orders before they manufacture the records using Qrates.

Qrates interacts with download, streaming and other digital solutions so that artists and labels can press, promote and sell their music. The service features a funding platform so that musicians can raise money to cover the cost of producing records.

Printing records gets expensive because the art has been lost to the past. Most places don’t even have record presses anymore. Pre-orders make the process more affordable. is not ready to launch just yet. But you can sign up for email notifications about the service at their website.

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