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Hey DJ-808 Owners: Enroll in Roland Cloud Academy for Free

DJ Experience, News, Technology | May 19, 2017

Hey DJ-808 Owners: Enroll in Roland Cloud Academy for Free

Great news for DJ-808 owners; Roland is offering immersive technical training for free. All you need to do is register your product and sign up for the online video training.

What’s covered in this training?

Through Roland Cloud Academy DJs will be trained on how to best utilize the DJ-808 and all of its features. Each session is live with an expert instructor demonstrating the specifications of the DJ-808 and how it works with Serato DJ. In each live session the instructor will interact with the students through chat, voice, and webcam.

Depending on your level, you will be able to choose between a beginner or more advanced course. Below are the topics in each course.

From Roland US:

Getting Started Course

The Getting Started course is perfect for users who are new to the Roland DJ-808 and Serato DJ.

Topics covered include:

Serato DJ basics
Cue Points
TR-S, step sequencing, and Serato Sampler basics
Sync basics
Recording mixes
Advanced Course

The Advanced course covers deeper topics, providing a power boost for more experienced users.

Topics covered include:

Advanced beatgrids
Advanced sequencing
Advanced sampler use
Loop Roll
Beat Jump
Pitch ‘n Time, key mixing, and Vocal Transformer
Advanced production and performance techniques

Reserve your spot at Roland.

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One thought on “Hey DJ-808 Owners: Enroll in Roland Cloud Academy for Free

  1. hi, i start using the VT section in Roland DJ 808 (:
    i’ve connected my microphone, turn it on and i do get signal in the TR / SAMPLER channel, but i can hear it only in my headphones, which connected under the “phones”, and i can’t hear it from my studio monitors.

    all the rest of the channels include the TR-S do work through the monitors.

    do you know what might be the solution to here vocal speaking / recording through my monitors?
    or how do people can hear it while preformence with the roland dj 808.
    if there is posibility to guide me online it’s a great great option for me, unless it’s a very simple solution and written guiding will be enough

    (i did followed all the manual’s instructions and could’nt find any solution).

    thank you!


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