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News, Technology, Videos, Visual Jockeys | Sep 20, 2016   

Watch Boys Noize Tribute to Edward Snowden

Boys Noize recently scored the music for the film SNOWDEN and he uses clips from the movie in the video for his single/LP of the same name, “Mayday.”


Opening in theaters today SNOWDEN follows the real life story of Edward Snowden as interpreted by Academy Award®-winning director Oliver Stone. Snowden is of course the former CIA employee that leaked top secret NSA files in 2013.

German producer Alexander “Boys Noize” Ridha scored part of the soundtrack to the film and contributed his song “Mayday.” The new music video for the track, that shares a name with the Mayday album he dropped last May, was directed by LIL INTERNET. It features video clips assembled from various bits of security camera footage that they say they got from a public website. In the clandestine new video disquieting statements about security programs flash between static and brief scenes from the movie.

Ridha characterizes himself as a “techno punk” in his DJ biography. He doesn’t mention anything about SNOWDEN in his description of Mayday, which was released in May 2016. According to Boys Noize, “I always try to challenge myself as a producer and a musician. Keeping the purity of electronic music but taking it somewhere new is the most difficult, and most motivating. MAYDAY is me taking the music I love to the future, no matter how uncertain the future seems.”

You can listen to MAYDAY on Spotify below, while SNOWDEN should be playing now at a theater near you starting today.

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