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Mixes, News, Scratch Routines, Videos | Dec 14, 2016

Watch the Chop Shop: Ep. 5 w/ DJ Manwell

Watch in amazement as DJ Manwell completes an old school hip hop routine with no laptop and vintage vinyl records. Stream the Chop Shop here!

Born in Brooklyn, New York and raised in Columbus, Ohio, DJ Manwell currently occupies Los Angeles, where he is a three time regional DMC Champion. In addition to turntablism, he has toured internationally with hip hop duo the Procussions. The official Serato DJ enjoys outdoor activities, and going to restaurants with his girlfriend.


In the video Manwell performs a live mashup that could also be described as a minimix. In the spirit of funk he has marked his cue points with actual stickers pressed onto the physical record. You can tell from watching the full episode that there is no scratch vinyl or DVS being used in this routine. Nonetheless he manages to stay on the beat.

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@mikorockswell can’t wait for this weekend ma!😉 #squad #gopro #nature #paveyourownpath

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