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BPM Supreme TV, Scratch Routines, Videos | Sep 06, 2016

Watch the Chop Shop Episode 2 with DJ FlipFlop

In Episode 2 of the Chop Shop local hero DJ FlipFlop shows them how we do it on the west coast. Watch the entire scratch routine here!

Chop Shop episode 2 dj flip flop intro

Kenny “FlipFlop” Vanderberg was born in Portland, Oregon but eventually found his way south to Los Angeles. The former Los Angeles regional DMC Champion currently resides in Winnetka, a suburb north of Santa Monica and Malibu near Calabasas. In addition to his scratching, FlipFlop is a practiced club DJ that regularly plays sets at local venues in California, Oregon and Washington. He is the official DJ of the Cunning Linguists rap crew, with whom he has completed many US and European tours.

chop shop episode 2 with flip flop

BPM Supreme TV’s new show is dedicated to exclusive scratch routines from expert turntablists. Each edition will feature an original scratch routine performed with theatrical flourish from controllerists. Be sure to subscribe to BPM Supreme TV on YouTube, and watch the video at the top of the page.

Decibulles Festival was jammin yesterday! Thank you! 📸via @kno_of_cunninlynguists

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