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Mixes, News, Scratch Routines, Videos | Nov 10, 2016   

Watch CUT DELIVERY Scratch Routine for Pinqponq

Bowser and Seniorr deliver a live scratch routine on behalf of pinqponq. Screen the full mix and check out some of these backpacks for DJ’s.

Bowser and Seniorr from Switzerland make up the production duo known as CUT DELIVERY. Their logo is a vinyl sausage being cut up. The B2B team usually provides their scratch routines on four turntables. They have a background in funk and rap music that has an urban appeal similar to that of pinqponq products, which they proudly wear in the video.

Boutique start up company pinqponq makes high quality backpacks and accessories including the Cubik ‘DJ’ backpack. Their designs combine style, function and sustainability. And they’re manufactured from 100% recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles by fair trade factory workers in Vietnam.

The company’s backpack retail at their website for €129 to €180 ($140.45 to $195.98).


high level | ? by @bevilacquavisuals founder of @viewment

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