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DJ Experience, News, Technology, Videos, Visual Jockeys | Aug 02, 2016   

Watch the Deadmau5 Project: Episodes 1-3

Watch Joel “Deadmau5” Zimmerman nerd out like a rockstar with his friends at NVIDIA. The Deadmau5 Project is streaming now on YouTube.

deadmau5 talks about stuff

A lot of people go to the store when they need a new computer. Deadmau5 custom orders five from the world leader in visual computing, and then produces a video series about it.

For this project Kris Rey, Community Manager at NVIDIA, reached out to Zimmerman through Twitter. The EDM DJ is notorious for his love of video games and technology, you can tell by his gamer tattoos. So he knows NVIDIA, and was ready to get started.

According to Deadmau5, “On my days off from making music I’m still at the same computer playing video games. I would spend my free time there, I would do my work there, I would play games on it. Computers have been at the very core of my life.”

In the first episode we get an inside look at Deadmau5’s Ontario mansion, Mau5 heads and epic sports car collection. To reflect the producer’s unique sense of style, each PC was custom built with one of his favorite cars in mind. Episodes 2-3 explore the manufacturing process, as well as Deadmau5’s reaction when he sees the units.

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