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Why Mobile DJs Need a Pinterest Business Account

DJ Experience, News | Nov 09, 2017   

Why Mobile DJs Need a Pinterest Business Account

As a mobile DJ, you might have your own website and promote your business using social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. But lately we’ve been hearing a lot about Pinterest and its power within the event planning industry – specifically the wedding industry. We decided to do some research and found a few significant benefits of using this “visual discovery tool.”

Keep reading to see why Pinterest is great for reaching a niche market and learn how to create your own Pinterest business account.

What is Pinterest?

First, for those who have never used Pinterest – it’s a website and mobile app designed to let users discover information through images, GIFs and videos. It’s a quicker, short form way to research a topic compared to using a traditional search engine. Pinterest CEO, Ben Silbermann, summarized the company as a “catalog of ideas.” It’s even been called a “database of intentions.”

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Why Do I Need One?

The fact is, as a mobile DJ, some of your most valuable business comes from weddings and special events. Party planners, brides, and even grooms are finding ideas for their events through Pinterest. It’s an easy way to connect with an important audience and gain visibility in this niche market.

Cold, Hard Facts

If you’re still not convinced that making a Pinterest page for your mobile DJ business is beneficial, let’s take a look at some of the statistics:

  • 40 million people use Pinterest for wedding planning every year
  • Users save nearly 900 million Pins about weddings each year
  • 378 million wedding-related searches occur each year
  • Overall, Pinterest reaches 200 million people each month
  • The platform is growing – it has 40% more users today than in 2016
  • 68% of women in the U.S. ages 25-54 use a Pinterest account
  • 7 in 10 millennial women in the U.S. use Pinterest – more than Twitter or Snapchat
  • 67% of users have discovered a new brand or product on Pinterest 

40 mil

Getting Started – Create an Account

Did we mention Pinterest is free? You can easily and quickly create a business Pinterest account here. Choose an account name that makes your business easily identifiable, ex. DJ Nick Productions. Also add your company’s logo as the main profile photo and use the ‘About’ section to explain how your business is unique. (All of these details can be edited in Settings.)


Create Boards

Before you start pinning and saving posts, you have to create at least one board of your own. Create boards that each have a distinct theme, such as ‘Wedding Playlists’, ‘Lighting Ideas’, ‘Party Playlists’, ‘Indoor DJ Set Ups’ and ‘Outdoor DJ Set Ups.’

Once you’ve made your boards, start adding content that tells a story and creates a strong message for your business. Upload your own content or add pins from other boards. Make sure to edit the notes with search engine-optimized, keyword-friendly words and phrases, such as ‘wedding entrance songs’ or ‘lighting ideas for your wedding.’

You can even even add a board of photos from past events. Think of it as a fun way to share your resume. Brides and party planners will love seeing those real photos.

Track Your Progress

Pinterest business accounts also have extra handy marketing features like Pinterest Analytics which allows you to see what Pins people like, and Rich Pins that give a user more information directly on a Pin.


Added Bonus: Closing a Sale

If you’re trying to close a sale, ask to see the bride and grooms’ Pinterest board. You’ll get an insider look at the details and style of the wedding right off the bat and gain some valuable ammo for closing the sale. The client’s Pinterest could give you hints about the atmosphere of the reception, the desired lighting and effects, and even playlist requests. Being able to speak knowledgeably about those details will give you a competitive edge.

Now that we’ve covered the value of having a Pinterest account for your mobile DJ business, get out there and start pinning! Be sure to take advantage of the tools a business account provides and keep your boards fresh with updated content.

We want to hear from you! Are you a mobile DJ with a Pinterest account, and has it worked for you? Leave your comments below.

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